20th May 2019 6 Table Mitchell

13th May 2019 5.5 Table Howell WBU

6th May 2019 5 Table Howell WBU

29th April 2019 7.5 Table Mitchell WBU

22nd April 2019 5.5 Table Mitchell WBU

8th April 2019 6 Table Mitchell WBU

1st April 2019 5.5 Table Mitchell WBU

25th Mar 2019 7 Table Mitchell WBU

18th Mar 2019 7 Table Mitchell WBU

11th Mar 2019 6 Table Howell WBU

4th Mar 2019 7 Table Mitchell WBU

25th Feb 2019 St David’s Day Sim Pairs WBU

18th Feb 2019 6 Table Mitchell WBU

11th Feb 2019 11th Feb 2019 WBU

4th Feb 2019 7 Table Mitchell WBU

28th Jan 2019 7.5 Table Mitchell WBU

21st Jan 2018 7.5 Table Mitchell WBU

14th Jan 2019 8 Table Mitchell WBU

7th JAN 2019(2) WBU

7th Jan 2019 8 Table Mitchell WBU

17th Dec 2018 Christmas Individua

Interesting  hands are discussed by Nicholas on the DIRECTORS PAGE

Handicaps were first introduced in 2011 and initially based on the master points awarded in the previous 12 months. Since then they have been modified on a weekly basis according to that weeks results. Handicaps vary between +5 and -5 and have attained a fairly stable value for each player. Master points are awarded as per usual so are not affected by the handicap.
This is used to produce a single rank order in a Mitchell movement ( which we use). I have no idea why it works and can only refer anyone interested to various articles on it found on the web